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  • The Long Range Acoustic Device ( LRAD)

The Long Range Acoustic Device ( LRAD)

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19 / 12 / 2019
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Detail The Long Range Acoustic Device ( LRAD)

The Long Range Acoustic Device ( LRAD) is a powerful acoustic hailing device and sonic weapon developed by LRAD Corporation to send messages, warnings and harmful, pain inducing tones over long distances. LRAD systems are used to counter piracy, as both communication devices and non-lethal control weapons. What makes the LRAD product unique is its ability to transmit your message with exceptional clarity in a highly directional beam, even with significant ambient noise over distances up to 3km ( there are various models to suit different ranges and budgets) . The directionality of the LRAD device reduces the risk of exposing nearby personnel or peripheral bystanders to harmful audio levels. A LRAD fulfills a capability gap in a vessels security armoury to: Provide long range clear communication to Hail, Notify and Warn approaching vessels at significant ranges with clear voice or prerecorded messages in any language or by using an unmistakable warning tone to ensure your message is received Establish intent: > Isolate threats > Justify escalation of force Change behavior: > High intensity tone deters intruders Let’ s look at a pirate attack scenario. Pirates begin an attack at 500 – 1000 meters away LRAD Communicates: > Warning Tone ( Alert) > Plain Voice ( voice or pre-recorded messages in multiple languages ( e.g. Somali) Pirates: > Know they have lost the element of surprise > Know the vessel is prepared > Know an investment has been made in security > Believe coalition forces have likely been notified
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